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gift certificates 

Gift certificates are available for all services.  To purchase a gift certificate, please call 484-678-1033 to order.

The gift certificate cards are designed with the logo and a colored diamond shape behind it.  The diamond shapes come in various colors and the inside is hand written in calligraphy. It comes in a black envelope with the receivers name in gold.


To complete the gift. It is then presented in a black box with a ribbon and embellishment. Your choice of colored diamond shapes are blue, brown, green (shown), pink, and purple.

The ribbons and embellishments vary depending on supply.


Although boxes are generally provided for those who may be able to come to the office to pick them up, they may be mailed for an additional fee of approximately $5.50.

If you would like to a gift certificate mailed to someone special at no additional charge, the card is presented in a black envelope with receivers name in gold, as described above.  It is packaged in a beautiful Artisan handmade paper folder.  The folder is made from 100% recycled cotton fiber and has natural deckle edge. It is mailed in a plain white envelope.  


The folder colors are avocado and coco brown.


If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, please fill out the form below and include a phone number where you may be reached, so that I may be able to contact you ASAP. 

Thank you.

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