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about cindy

For many years, Cindy worked as a graphic artist and technical illustrator in the corporate sector. Twenty-seven years ago she became a massage therapist. Cindy was always interested in alternative health modalities. Diagnosed with migraine headaches which didn’t respond to prescription medicines, led to 30 years of education in non-chemical treatment options. She was exposed to Eastern Medicine treatments and classes that included shiatsu, reflexology and herbal remedies.  After improving her health, she helped family and friends. These treatments guided her to realign her personal mission to helping people through massage and bodywork.


"My goal is to assist my clients in achieving balance and wellness,

and to support their natural healing process​ in a safe and comfortable environment."

Cindy works intuitively with compassion and integrity to help improve her client's health. She continues to add new and varying
modalities which allows for enhanced customizations of treatment plans. As a result Cindy’s clients have a better sense of self and well-being. Together, Cindy and her client will decide from a diverse range of therapies from relaxation and aromatherapy to massages which correct underlying pain and discomfort.


If you need an expert approach to your wellness program, call Cindy at 484.678.1033. Her treatment room is situated adjacent to Dr. Janet McGaurn, an outstanding chiropractor. To round-out the wellness options there are two wonderful acupuncturists, Margaret Sheehan and Greg DelCollo located at Oriental Medicine of West Chester.

"I look forward to speaking with you."



PA Licensed Massage Therapist ~  American Massage Therapy Association
American Red Cross Adult CPR and AED-Adult ~ Core Institute for Myofacial Release

Judith Walker Delany Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy ~ Sutherland, Upledger and Littlejohn - Cranio Sacral Therapy
International Cupping Therapy Association - Contemporary Cupping Methods

International Mandel Institute of Esogetic Colorpuncture ~ National College of Phytotherapy - Botanical Medicine

International College of Kineseology - Touch for Health ~ Ingham Method and Center for Human Integration - Reflexology

Wise Earth School of Ayurveda - Pancha Karma, Shodhana Therapies and Women's Health Care

Usui Shiki Ryoho & Tibetan Reiki Master ~ IET Integrated Energy Therapy Practioner

WatPo Thai Traditional Massage

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